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Nosturis is a cutting edge blockchain development which makes it easy for various businesses to trade their different products and services by issuing token against such assets. Nosturis platform will enable projects with business ideas to easily sell their products and services by issuing tokens against such and trading it against myriads of other cryptocurrency assets. Consider this platform as the versatile avenue for tokenizing businesses of all sorts, across all industries, goods and services: supermarkets issuing loyalty points, gym time share points, spas reward points, office space sharing time points, fashion brands membership points, telecoms companies gift vouchers , gas stations friendship points etc. NSTR Token is the native token of the Nosturis Platform providing utility as a digital asset or token that is built as the fuel powering the NOSTURIS PLATFORM. It is the gas energizing all transactions and this has been created to support a better, fairer and more reliant crowdfunding platform that can be used by anyone around the world

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