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Royal Online Vegas is an online casino run on the EOS blockchain network. We provide instant game plays backed by trustworthy smart contract, allowing users to place bets through a EOS transaction on our smart contract at zero cost and have absolute certainty all games are 100% fair. Users will be able to mine MEV token through a game-oriented immersive betting system. Royal Online Vegas is a smart contract backed eco-system where everyone can be the owner of this EOS online casino and share the profit of its operation. Token holders as a collective receive 80% all EOS generates (70% will be used for direct payout, 10% will be used for repurchase) the rest 20% revenue will be kept for future development and operation. Rewards are available to token holders on a recurring base. The amount of rewards available to each token holder is proportional to the amount of tokens they hold in relation to the current supply. Royal Online Vegas aims to take the essence of what people love about gambling—the thrill, excitement, and ability to quickly hop online and play entertaining games—and strip out everything we hate about the industry—greedy and often shady companies, intrusive sign-ups, high house edges,and poor player experience. Our goal is to offer our players a trustless, innovative, high-quality platform, becoming one of the first commercially successful projects on EOS!

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