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LeeeMall’s vision is to create a global e-commerce platform. Through its innovative LEEE Protocol layer 2 Protocol, paying users on existing centralised platforms such as Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon will be able to directly pay using digital currency, not only stable coin, but also mainstream cryptocurrency, non-mainstream secure tokens, even consortium blockchain tokens, and private blockchain tokens will be supported. In this market, e-commerce merchants will be able to directly and seamlessly connect with end users distributed all over the world to make cross-border payment through digital coins. In addition, due to the non-correlation between sovereign currency and digital currency throughout the whole process, the privacy of merchants and users will be absolutely respected and protected. Due to payments being made through our LEEE protocol, merchants on the platform do not need to make any modification to the payment process and do not need to undertake the "cognitive risk" associated with digital currency. They can be completely at ease, accept digital currency payment, and process orders normally. In addition, using cryptocurrency for payment and grafting blockchain tracing technology can effectively guarantee the source of commodities. LeeeMall keeps each coin deduction record and payment record on the chain and marks them so that one corresponds to the other. Token Use: LEEE endorses the overall ecological value of the LeeeMall community and circulates in the exchange to realise the function of price discovery. At the same time, as LEEE's equity income certificate, holding LEEE represents holding LeeeMall's equity dividend right.

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