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The Accounting System for Cryptocurrency Portfolios The basic principle is that we are doing the service for people. We take into account what is really necessary and important for every audience. Private investors Private investors don't need an overloaded system which is more difficult for understanding than cryptocurrencies. The investor does not care how much the currency has grown; the only thing that matters is how much he has earned and how he can earn more. At the same time, not all users know the basics of trading and they need recommendations. Traders For traders the maximum automation is required not to waste their time on accounting and analytics. Traders make transactions on various exchanges (because of the rate difference) and financial accounting becomes a very laborious task. If the trader takes the finance under management he needs to report to the clients to make it clear and simple as possible not wasting much time. And it is extremely significant for traders to understand their efficiency. All the traders strive to create the most effective and attractive portfolio to obtain more portfolios under management. Funds For funds it is needed to reduc

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