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compound-governance-token Compound (COMP)

2.90% (24H)
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€1.48 mrd. €102.90 milj.5.28 milj. COMP

Compound on tällä hetkellä arvoltaan €280,24 ja sen markkina-arvo on €1.48 mrd. Kurssimuutos on 2.90% ylöspäin viimeisen vuorokauden aikana.

The Compound Governance Token is a governance token on the Compound Finance lending protocol, COMP allows the owner to delegate voting rights to the address of their choice; the owner’s wallet, another user, an application, or a DeFi expert. Anybody can participate in Compound governance by receiving delegation, without needing to own COMP. Anybody with 1% of COMP delegated to their address can propose a governance action; these are simple or complex sets of actions, such as adding support for a new asset, changing an asset’s collateral factor, changing a market’s interest rate model, or changing any other parameter or variable of the protocol that the current administrator can modify.

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