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The Wisdom Chain is a brand new intelligent contract and communication platform, based on Block Chain, faced to smart city, achieving the Internet of Things for living facilities and interconnection for living information. It aims to provide distributed data connection services for many intelligent items of human being, in order to share the data conveniently between personal terminal and the city intelligence terminal, and to share the Identity (ID) authentication, and can provide a consistent access ability of privilege data. As a full set of solution to build an intelligent city information interconnection, it becomes a connector of a massive number of intelligent systems and devices. The Wisdom Chain, as a bottom supporting system, will be released in the form of Main Chain, supporting parallel running structure of multi-chains and multi level communication protocol, including device interconnection protocol, terminal data sharing, ID authentication and instant communication protocol etc, achieving the network autonomy with the synchronization of node data through the mixture consensus mechanism by the combination of PoW (proof of work) and PoS (proof of stake), finally achieves the main chain faced to the living information interconnection.

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