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the-transfer-token The Transfer Token (TTT)

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The Transfer Token on tällä hetkellä arvoltaan €8,046 ja sen markkina-arvo on Ei saatavilla Kurssimuutos on -7.23% alaspäin viimeisen vuorokauden aikana.

The Transfer Token (TTT) is a new ERC-20 based cryptocurrency developed by Atom Solutions, and is intended to vitalize Eternal Coin (XEC) a non-blockchain based virtual currency. This means that TTT can act as a gateway for XEC into the mass market and solves the issues of exclusivity for XEC, which was only accessible in certain nations. TTT can be traded with XEC at a 1:1 ratio, which makes the two equal value in concept. With the advent of TTT trading, we aim to revolutionize the overseas remittance and currency exchange market, our ultimate goal in the FinTech industry.

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10 The Transfer Token (TTT)

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