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TronEuropeRewardCoin on tällä hetkellä arvoltaan €0,0196 ja sen markkina-arvo on Ei saatavilla Kurssimuutos on 1.45% ylöspäin viimeisen vuorokauden aikana.

TronEuropeRewardCoin (TERC) is the token from SR TRON-Europe. It is only distributed for voting for TRON-EUROPE as a Super Representative on the TRON Network. TERC a community rewards coin that gives the opportunity to participate and invest in great projects promoted by the TRON-Europe organization. TERC has been integrated into several projects which at the moment are in development (March 2019). In these projects you will be able to use both TERC and TRX. The value of TERC will be 1:1, meaning that 1 TERC = 1 TRX.

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