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We are a group of enthusiasts who believe, that every person can make a difference by supporting the vulnerable. Sometimes we forget about small things and also how big importance they play for us. One of the good example are the BEES. Sometimes we forget that those small creatures are very vulnerable and we need to support them to keep alive. Bees are playing very important role not only for us but also for the worlds ECO system overall. You may have heard that a world without bees means a world without fruit, vegetables, grains, etc. As Albert Einstein once said “if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, man would have only four years to live”. Bee populations are declining in the industrialized world (mobile network, Wi-Fi routers, climate change), raising concerns for the sustainable pollination of crops. Day-by-day artificial products are getting more and more places in the shelves of the stores and people are purchasing them without understanding that it can harm our health and our future generation. We need to bring back natural products and the bees are playing one of the most important role in the agriculture circle! There are number of ways, that we might help the bees, such as sponsoring hives to be kept by beekeepers. We believe that by sponsoring a hive, you aren’t only supporting to save the bees, but to improve ECO system across the globe. Beehives can help establish a better environment by pollinating plants and flowers.

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