Suosituimmat kryptovaluutat ja reaaliaikaiset kurssit

reserve-rights-token Reserve Rights (RSR)

1.23% (24H)
Markkina-arvoVaihtoLaskettu liikkeelle
€88.45 M€4.15 M50.60 B RSR
ATHATH(% muutos)ATH Päivämäärä

Reserve Rights (RSR) kurssi on tällä hetkellä arvoltaan €0.00175 a sen markkina-arvo on €88.45 M. Kurssimuutos on 1.23% ylös ylöspäin viimeisen vuorokauden aikana.

Reserve aims to build a stable, decentralized, asset-backed cryptocurrency and a digital payment system that scales supply with demand and maintains 100% or more collateral backing. Ultimately, Reserve’s goal is to create a universal store of value – particularly in regions with unreliable banking infrastructure and regions where hyperinflation is an issue. The Reserve system will interact with three kinds of tokens:(1) The Reserve token (RSV), which is a stable cryptocurrency that can be held and spent the way we use normal fiat money;(2) The Reserve Rights token (RSR), a protocol token used to facilitate the stability of RSV.(3) A growing variety of tokenized real-world assets (such as other stablecoins) that are held by the Reserve smart contract to back RSV.

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