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With the popularization of blockchain technology, a new form of crowdfunding for development, which you issue and reveal a cryptocurrency in a digital environment and sell it for a fiat currency or a cryptocurrency, has emerged. The scale of such crowdfunding is increasing rapidly, but because of the high difficulty of development, many teams are giving up or fleeing halfway, and thus the success rate is also lowered. PRESTO a token sale platform that provides the function to automatically generate smart contracts that extend the DAICO model, offering the investor protection that enforces the correct use of funds; it drastically reduces the costs of smart contracts, token development, and token sales, and helps development teams focus on service development. Furthermore, by introducing a token marketplace and a decentralized exchange (DEX), Presto will not just build the token sale platform but incubate new tokens and accelerate existing tokens to create a healthy and active token-sale ecosystem.

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