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Puregold wants to create the first payment gateway based on blockchain technology, that uses Gold-Backed tokens. was established in 2010 as an e-commerce store selling value-added gold and silver coins and bars. It is one of Singapore's premier private mints with its own in-house factory. It aspires to be the leading hub of creative quality premium gift coins and bars that are made in Singapore. Apart from physical retail shops, it also runs and manages an online platform,, empowering merchants and consumers to use gold as the base currency for all transactions. With its experience in the gold price market, stepped into the global arena of gold trading and electronic gold exchanges, and is proud to have won the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand 2012. Bullion Currencies (Pte Ltd) is a subsidiary of Pte Ltd. It provides an online platform where customers are able to buy and sell gold, and also use the gold as a means of payment when purchasing goods and services. It firmly believes in the notion of "Gold is Money".

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