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mute Mute (MUTE)

-7.65% (24H)
Markkina-arvoVaihtoLaskettu liikkeelle
€23.83 M€327,72740.00 M MUTE
ATHATH(% muutos)ATH Päivämäärä

Mute (MUTE) kurssi on tällä hetkellä arvoltaan €0.596 a sen markkina-arvo on €23.83 M. Kurssimuutos on -7.65% alas ylöspäin viimeisen vuorokauden aikana.

MUTE is one half of the dual-token mechanics powering the ZK-Rollup ecosystem.MUTE is the gas that facilitates growth of the ecosystem via the DAO, funding proposals and benefitting directly through a 'buyback and make' initiative. Liquidity providers are also rewarded thanks to a 1% transaction fee, guarding against impermeant loss and paid out incrementally via the MuteVault contract.Mute Switch, an easy to use swap-style ZK-Rollup DEX, is the first Dapp in the ecosystem. This will be running on ZK-Rollup infrastructure meaning trading will be cheaper and more scalable, but not just that - transactions will be zero knowledge, ensuring nobody can see into your wallet history. Power users of the DEX will qualify for reduced fees by locking a specified amount of MUTE in their wallet.The non-inflationary supply is complimented by an innovative economic model that includes the combination of buy backs, coin burns, a smart treasury and vaults.

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