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Decenturion citizenship provides significant benefits. Register today and start participating in the economy and law-making. Decenturion is an innovational state that has leveraged all technological capabilities to implement the human potential. Joining Decenturion not only provides a passive income but also gives a unique status. Why now? The amount of DCNT tokens (Decenturion passports) is limited and decreasing rapidly; DCNT tokens increase in price by $500 monthly; Having registered today, you start getting income in the form of startup tokens. Why Decenturion? It’s the first time the State pays its citizens; It’s the first time every citizen is a shareholder of the State; It’s the first time the state transfers 100% GDP to its citizens; It’s the first time the citizens can directly exercise power, propose and approve laws; It’s the first time an environment of like-minded people is created, where everyone's voice is taken into account.

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